I’ll admit: Maybe I had a problem wanting to learn and do everything on my own for far too many years. Maybe I let my Dyslexia and ADD get the best of me. Maybe I didn’t follow the “rules” and focus on one thing and be the “expert” in that niche. (That rule was certainly not written for those with ADD in mind.)

But little did I know that many years later, everything would all become interconnected and “skill stacking” would become a thing. After countless books, courses, seminars, and good old fashioned, “learning the hard way”, I’ve built up some skills…

Copywriting Services. Social Media Marketing. SEO. Email Marketing. Marketing Funnel Creation. Website Development. Graphic Design. Company Launches. Project Management. Product Development. Branding. Facebook Marketing. Back Office Development. Video Scripting. Membership Websites. WordPress. Video Editing. Idea Generation. Direct Mail. Content Development. Content Calendar Management. Blogging. Product Launches. Amazon Product Listings. Lead Generation. Viral Marketing. Video Production. Outsourcing. Niche Websites. Sales Funnels. Paid Marketing. Consulting. Recruiting. Book Writing. Book Publishing. Book Marketing. Product & Company Naming. Seminar Marketing. Countless Software Programs — And Much More.

Although I do not take on every project that comes my way (I’m picky), I like to focus on projects that are in areas which I enjoy doing. Otherwise, it just feels like… work. Below are a list of a few areas I focus on, but I’m always open to taking a look at all projects.

How Can I Help You Make Bank In Your Business?


I’ve written hundreds of these going back to 2003. From long-form salesletters to shorter letters for direct mail and everything in between.

Collectively, these salesletters have been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in revenue selling nearly every product and service you can think of. (Yes, even some very wild ones in niches that we shall not speak of that I’ll never admit that I wrote!)

Learn more about my Salesletter Copywriter services.

Although this is something I do on the side and for fun, I have written a few hundred Amazon product listings over the years.

Clients have ranged from small independent sellers all the way to Fortune 50 companies.

You can learn more about my Amazon Copywriter services, if you’re interested.

Back in 1999 I created my first online marketing funnel. Although I mention the 2003 date everywhere on my site (because that when I finally saw a massive success), my online marketing journey truly began in 1999.

Although a lot has changed since then, the purpose of the funnels have not. Whether you need leads or you’re selling a $50,000 high ticket coaching program, I can create funnels that produce results. In addition to writing copy, I can create both the front-end and back-end websites, email series, you name it.

I see so many companies miss the mark with the copy on their website. Some industries are still stuck in “old school” thinking that their website is a brochure. No, no. This isn’t 1999 anymore.

A website should provide an experience and allow potential prospects or clients to get to know your brand. There’s so much more to it than fancy pictures and boring text. If you want some examples of websites I wrote the copy for and designed, just let me know. I’ll show you what I mean.


This is a world I know very well. I’ve put dozens of these online recruiting systems in place for companies (and myself) for over 20 years.

The ideal client is looking to recruit at least 20 reps per month and looking for a long-term engagement. What I do is unlike any other type of recruiting service. Yes. I have a secret sauce.

Learn more about my 10-99 Independent Sales Recruiting Service.

Some of the most fun I’ve had was partnering with like-minded people on projects. I’ve launched #1 best selling books, #1 best-selling products on Amazon, dozens of websites, WordPress plugins, online courses, software, and more with partners.

I’m literally sitting on a hundred new product ideas (with dozens vetted and viable) with new ones daily. Being an “idea guy” is blessing and a curse.

If you want to explore a possible partnership on your, my, or someone else’s ideas, let’s talk.

Over two dozen company launches, this is an area I enjoy consulting for. The start-up world isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a lot of moving parts and many technologies and platforms you need to be on top of.

Every company launch is different and I modify my launch consulting services to fit your needs and goals of your launch.

If you’re launching a new company, you can learn about my company launch consulting services and see and how I may be of service to assist you with your launch.

New product launches are a great way to build buzz, your list, and of course sales. Whether you are a new company or you’ve been around for a hundred years, when you bring a new product to market, you have a unique opportunity to make some serious noise in your market.

Much like company launches, I’ve been involved with dozens of product launches since 2003. From taking a small product on Amazon to making it a #1 best-seller to managing a $7 million dollar launch with dozens of new products and everything in between.

If you’re bringing a new product to market, review my product launch consulting page (same page as above) and let’s discuss how I can help you make a splash with your existing and/or new customers. For more information, you can read my pre-launch blog post as well.

I’ve created literally hundreds and hundreds of websites over the years. I only recently decided to offer this as a service as I’ve recently had some clients come on board that really liked what I created for them and suggested I offer this to others.

Granted, the world of website designers is crowded. However, you’d be pressed to find someone with the amount of experience I have who can put everything together and write all of the copy for your pages, landing pages, marketing funnels — and drive traffic to your website to generate leads or sales. It’s the whole ball of wax.

Think of me as an entire web development and marketing agency, but without the price tag of hiring a top-tier agency.

Space is extremely limited. These projects take time. Learn more about my website design services.

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