How To Get Free SafeMoon Tokens Using Coinbase & BitMart Hack

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You can get free Safemoon tokens using this Coinbase and BitMart hack.

Let’s face it. Safemoon is not easy to get a hold of for the masses. You won’t find Safemoon on Robinhood or Coinbase (yet), and you certainly wont see a Safemoon kiosk at your local grocery store like the Bitcoin kiosks popping up everywhere.

But odds are you’ve been hearing people talk about the Safemoon token, hence why you did some searching around and landed on this page. And good thing you did because I’m going to show you exactly how you can get 100% FREE Safemoon tokens.

It’s true. This method is 100% legit, doesn’t require filling out surveys, or doing anything shady that you’d hate if your neighbors found out.

Spoiler Alert: This method will get you over 7.4 million Safemoon tokens. Worth the time? I think so.

How To Claim Your 100% Free SafeMoon Tokens (Using A Secret Hack)

OK fine. This isn’t truly a secret Safemoon Token hack, but it is what I like to call, a creative workaround.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Coinbase account here, if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Go through all the free crypto training that they offer. For each training you finish (each one takes just a few minutes), you’ll earn free cryptocurrency. It’s actually brilliant. You’ll learn about a token, the uses, and then earn some of the token you just learned about. By the time you are finished, you’ll rack up about $25 in free tokens, spread across nearly a dozen cryptos.

Step 3: Trade each of those cryptos for Bitcoin. This take a few minutes. Simply select the crypto, on the next screen select the wallet (it will be <token name> Wallet), then “Trade”, then “Convert <crypto name>”, select “Max”, make sure it’s on BTC, and boom, you’re done. Rinse and repeat for all the tokens you have.

Step 4: Now that you have around $25 in Bitcoin, we need to move that BitCoin to another wallet which allows you to buy the Safemoon token. For this, I recommend BitMart.

Step 5: You’re just a couple steps away from owning some Safemoon tokens. Once you have your account on BitMart, you’ll want to send your Bitcoin from Coinbase to your BitMart wallet. Just tap on “Assets”, search for BTC, and then tap “Deposit”. You’ll want to copy the long address, which you’ll be pasting into Coinbase. But first, if you are more of a visual person, here’s a video that explains this process in much more detail:

Step 7: Your Safemoon ownership is just moments away… Head back over to Coinbase.Tap on “Portfolio”. Select Bitcoin. Tap on your Wallet. On the next screen, tap on the arrow on the top right of the screen. Select “Max”. Then continue. Then “not now” as far as sending crypto to a friend. And finally, on the next screen paste the long address you copied from your BitMart wallet. Preview send, and send. Boom.

Step 8: Grab a coffee or enjoy a few minutes of Netflix. Or even better, just sit back and dream about the 100% free Safemoon tokens that are about to be in your wallet. The transfer process can take a little time.

Step 9: Once the Bitcoin is in your BitMart wallet, you’ll want to sell your Bitcoin for USDT. That’s right. We’re turning that Bitcoin into cold hard (digital) cash. To do that, in your BitMart app, tap on “Assets”, then “BTC”, then you’ll want to select “Trade”. Select “Market Order” and then “100%” to sell all of your Bitcoin for USDT. And boom! You now have $25 or so in USD and you’re now ready to buy Safemoon. (Note I need to update my how to buy Safemoon tokens post because there is an easier method – yes, it keeps getting easier to buy Safemoon and it will continue to get easier as time goes on.)

Step 10: On your BitMart wallet, on the home page, search for, “Safemoon”. On the next screen, tap that big green “BUY” button. You can choose to limit your order or just do a market order (we’re only talking about $25 or so here, a few fractions of a penny won’t make much of a difference), then select 100% of your total USDT. Click on “BUY” and BOOM. You are now the proud owner of Safemoon Tokens.

How Many Safemoon Tokens Will I Get For Free Using This Amazing Method?

According to Coinmarketcap,the current price of a Safemoon Token is $0.000003341 at the time of this writing. So for $25, you’ll own 7,462,686.567 Safemoon. Yes, that’s over 7 million Safemoon – 100% FREE.

Who knows how much 7 million Safemoon tokens will be worth in a few years. Heck, even if it gets to a penny one day in the next 2, 5, or 10 years, that’s $70,000.00 in your wallet – all for taking a little time to use a little hack to get yourself some free Safemoon.

Granted, this process will take you a little bit of time. The most time consuming parts are watching the short cryptocurrency training videos (just a couple minutes each) on Coinbase and setting up your Coinbase and BitMart accounts.

But really, now you have learned about several great cryptocurrencies from the training you may want to invest in. You also have a Coinbase account and a BitMart wallet so you can now buy tons of other tokens, not just Safemoon.

And if you are new to investing into Cryptocurrency, take time to educate yourself. Never ever ever share your passwords with anyone. No matter who it is. Customer service at any company will never ask for the password to your wallet. Write that down somewhere and bury it in the backyard. Better yet, have your key phrases tattooed on the bottom of your left foot backwards and upside-down.

Lastly, do not believe the BS hype in YouTube videos about Safemoon hitting a penny or a dollar at the end of this year or next year. They are all doing that to get YouTube views to generate ad revenue (which hopefully they use to buy more Safemoon tokens.) Safemoon has many short and long-term projects. It’s going to take awhile for the value to build, just like Bitcoin or any other legit cryptocurrency. Just grab your free $25 or so in free Safemoon and come back and check in a few years. You just never know.

Why Am I Talking About Safemoon And Crypto On My Marketing Site?

For those who are scratching their head, my 20+ year background in marketing extends to nearly every aspect of online marketing, with a focus on new company and new product launches.

Yes, I do create websites for clients on the side, and I’ve done a heck of a lot of writing as a direct response and sales letter copywriter selling everything from aprons to zebra pillows and everything in between.

And I can even create systems to recruit independent sales reps for companies.

So what in the heck does any of this have to do with crypto?

Because of my background doing 24+ product and company launches, I have kept a close eye on the crypto space for years. There are literally thousands of new tokens launching a week. Probably even more. Many are scams. Some have OK potential. Some have big potential. And every once in blue moon, there rises a Safemoon.

In order for me to come up with new tactics to launch new companies and new products, I stay on top of and watch what many others are doing. I follow them on Discord, Twitter, read their Reddit pages, follow their YouTube channels, read their emails, etc.

The crypto space has been a great way for me to see what others are doing, how people are reacting, what is working, and most importantly, what isn’t working. All of which I then use for nearly every project I work on.

From websites to launches. Recruiting to websites. I can see the latest and greatest designs, tech, words, and stay on top of where I personally believe the world is headed with blockchain and crypto.

And because of all that looking around, I have spotted gaps, opportunities, and have read where many others share the same thoughts. Safemoon addresses some of these, which is why I believe they have a real potential to do not just one, but multiple game-changing things in the crypto and blockchain space.

Regardless what you believe, you can still claim your free $25 or so of crypto on Coinbase and use it to buy Safemoon or any other crypto you want. Truth be told, I had been sitting on all that free Crypto from Coinbase and used this method to convert it to Bitcoin, sent it to BitMart, and bought Safemoon. That’s 100% the truth!

Heck, you could even cash out and take that $25 and treat yourself to an amazing dinner, or at the least an amazing side dish at a fancy restaurant.

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Robert is has been in the Internet Marketing world since 1999. In addition to his own projects, he works with clients on: Direct response copywriting,  website development, as well as product and company launch consulting.

He’s based in Houston, Texas. Yee Haw.

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