How To Buy SafeMoon or Bonfire Crypto in Texas (or Anywhere)

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How To Buy Bonfire And Safemoon Crypto

Are you in a rush to buy Safemoon or Bonfire crypto? Or just want to figure out how in the heck to really buy them after watching 92 YouTube videos, reading 73 Reddit posts, and 42 blog posts?

Here’s what you need to buy the Safemoon or Bonfire tokens with Trust Wallet (full details are below the steps):

1. Create a free account on PayBis here.

Note: If you are in Texas (oh how Texas loves to make investing in crypto interesting) or anywhere in the USA, the enrollment process just takes a couple minutes, which includes verifying your identity.

2. Trust Wallet App (iPhone or Android)

And… that’s it. Really.

I wish someone put this together because it would have saved me a ton of time and frustration.

The amount of tutorials about Binance (sorry, Texas and the other states that do not allow you to use Binance US, which are: Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, and Vermont) out there is crazy.

Many have you bouncing from one site or app to the next and God forbid you have BTC or ETC in your Trust Wallet and you want to convert BTC or ETH into BNB so then you swap that into Smart Chain, so you can then finally buy Safemoon or Bonfire

Ugh. It’s not possible.

I went deep down the rabbit hole because like many, I wanted to jump into Safemoon and Bonfire. Are they high risk? Some will say absolutely. Others will say these will end up doing great in the long-term. What will happen?

Who knows.

A few pennies tossed in the hopper to see if anything becomes of Safemoon or Bonfire down the road was worth the risk for me personally, but I highly encourage everyone to do their own research before investing into any crypto.

Details On How To Buy The Bonfire Token Or Safemoon Token...

This is assuming you are not brand new to buying crypto currency and you’d like to get your hands on some Bonfire crypto or Bonfire crypto.

However, if you are brand new to crypto and want to learn what all of this is about, I highly suggest investing some time into taking some courses, watching YouTube videos, and browsing around on Amazon to find some highly reviewed books. There’s a bit to learn and it’s changing daily.

Step 1: If you have not already, be sure to download the Trust Wallet app onto your phone. Next…

Use PayBis to buy BNB for your Trust Wallet

Step 2: Create a free account on PayBis here. (Your first transfer is free, which is nice. Saving a few dollars, coins, crypto, etc. is never a bad thing.) You will need to upload the front and back of your license and move your head around in a circle in video to confirm your identity. (This takes 3-4 minutes and you’re approved. It’s very fast.)

Note: You do not spin your head around in a circle for 3-4 minutes, thankfully.

Step 3: Enter in your BNB wallet address from your Trust Wallet and make your BNB token purchase. Boom. It’s there in a minute.

Step 4: In your Trust Wallet, tap “DEX” on the bottom of your app and swap BNB for Smart Chain.

Step 5: Tap “Browser” on the bottom of your app and select “Pancake”. If you do not have Pancake ready to go in Trust Wallet, please refer to YouTube – searching “Trust Wallet and Pancake”. There are 372,938 videos to choose from on how to do this. Good news: It takes 10 seconds to do.

Step 6: In Pancake, select how much of your BNB balance you want to use to make the purchase. If you want to purchase the Safemoon token, simply search for it and select it on the list. If you want to buy the Bonfire crypto currency, you’ll want to add their token contract, which is:


You can also go to the Bonfire website (linked above) for the above token contract.

Once you add it to Pancake, you’ll then see the Bonfire token show up and simply select it.

Step 7: Make your purchase, click OK, yes, OK, etc. a few times to confirm.

Step 8: Here’s where people freak out. After the purchase, it takes a minute or so for the contract to confirm. However when they go back to their Trust Wallet home screen, they do not see the Safemoon or Bonfire they purchased.

Here’s what to do…

Go back to Pancake and tap on the little circle and arrow around a clock icon to the right of the word, “Exchange”.

Next, tap on the order you just made to get to BscScan.

Once there, make sure that the status says, “Success” and then scroll down to where it says, “Tokens Transferred”.

You’ll see “From” and “To” bolded. Tap on the second “To” address which will bring up a new page.

On the next page, copy the long string on the contract. That’s the gold right there you need.

Step 9: Go back to the home page of your Trust Wallet app. Tap on the little blue icon on the top right that has two lines with a small circle in each one.

Step 10: Give your scrolling finger a nice workout by scrolling down through a thousand or names of tokens and get all the way to the bottom. (Drink some water if you need to. You just did a huge finger workout.) Tap on “Add Custom Token”.

Step 11: Change network to “Smart Chain” on the top. Then paste in the contract address you just copied. Boom. Done.

Now go back to the home screen of your Trust Wallet and you’ll see the Safemoon tokens or Bonfire tokens in your Wallet. Just repeat the process for any other tokens you want to invest in.

Although there are a bunch of steps here (that took me far too long to piece all together), the whole process just takes a few minutes once you have it all down.

If you are new or newer to the crypto space, this can be overwhelming as heck at first. But like any new technology, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually the fastest and easiest way to get Safemoon and/or Bonfire.

I Decided To Jump Into The Safemon And Bonfire Tokens Because It Is Not Simple To Buy For The Average Person... Yet.

If Safemoon or Bonfire ever get onto one of the major exchanges like Robinhood or Coinbase, then investing in the tokens just became 1000% time easier. Will it happen? Who knows.

We have seen time and time again what happens to some (not all) cryptos that make it to the big exchanges. But even then there could be a lull before there’s a pop (looking at your DOGE) or they may never pop at all.

But also because of what the potential is for both Safemoon and Bonfire. I encourage you to do your own reading, research, and make your own decision based on the information you can find about either token.

I’m not here to sell anyone on Bonfire, Safemoon, or even DOGE (Sorry, had to slip in a DOGE mention somewhere as it’s been so interesting to watch what is happening). You be the judge of where you think this is all headed. 

But for me, I bought simply because there is a lot of buzz happening (quite impressive from a marketing standpoint, to be honest), I like the potential of both, and I’m betting that there will be a day where someone doesn’t have to jump through 382 hoops in order to own some Bonfire or Safemoon.

If that day ever happens, then we’ll see what happens. And if Safemoon or Bonfire ever fulfill their potential… we shall see. In the meantime, we HODL if we got ’em and or watch from the sidelines if you don’t.

Why Is A Direct Response Copywriter Who Launches Companies And Recruits Sales Reps For Companies Writing About Crypto?

Yes, I’m a salesletter copywriter who who basically writes words on websites for clients.

I also help companies launch new products or even their entire company as a launch consultant.

And there are dozens of other things I do when it comes to online marketing. But when I’m not marketing my own products or working with clients, I’m learning. Constantly learning as much as I can.

An area I’ve dabbled in for years in learning crypto and blockchain. As a right-brained creative, learning left-brain tech, it has not been easy.

However, I feel strongly the world is shifting this way – FAST.

Because I’m a father of a son who is growing up in a world that will not look like the world I grew up in, I need to teach him how to navigate this digital world that is set to overtake our analog world before we know it.

So learning as much as I can about blockchain and crypto is not just for fun and profit, it’s also to prepare myself and my son for the future.

I do not expect to be sending him US dollars when he’s in college when he needs some “coin”. It could very well be some new or current token (many would love to see DOGE as the token of choice and frankly, that could very well happen!)

But also, because I love learning about blockchain and crypto, and I love to market new products, services, and companies, I’m very much open to taking on some clients in the crypto space.

So if you or anyone you. know is looking to launch the next Safemoon or Bonfire and they need some assistance on the marketing or launch side, let me know. :^)

Maybe we could launch SafeBon or MoonFire?

A Quick Note About PayBis Customer Support...

I used PayBis on my phone (you can use them on desktop or computer) and had a question.

I noticed they had a live chat feature and decided to try it out. I’m used to waiting for 22 hours to get a response from other companies, so I didn’t expect much.

But within 2 minutes, Ralph jumped on the chat and was awesome to deal with. Super friendly, answered my question, and I was really impressed.

Unfortunately great customer service is tough to come up now-a-days. So when it happens, I like to spread the word about a company who is providing great service for their customers.

Anyway, I hope that this was helpful. Truly exciting times we’re living in and keep learning all you can about the crypto space. I have a feeling all that learning we’re doing will really pay off!

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and I’m not providing financial advice. I’m not recommending purchasing any stocks, crypto, or anything of the sort. That’s 100% up to you. As with any investment, there’s risk. Always do your own research and due diligence and/or consult with a financial advisor before making any investments.

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He’s based in Houston, Texas. Yee Haw.

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